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A Banker trying to make her niche in the world of writing. Short stories, Blogs and Articles, you will get them all here. Procrastination is thy middle name, and I do not hesitate to put out for tomorrow what can be done today. More facts about me in about me section

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Movie Review : Bulbbul on Netflix

Movie Review : Bulbbul on Netflix

The attached  picture almost sums up the latest presentation on Netflix, Bulbbul. For centuries the women has been controlled by the patriarchal society. Some in the name of rituals, some as societal norms, some as their property. For men, the women had been their...

Book Review : Postcards from India

Book Review : Postcards from India

Pandemic, lockdown and a work from home life, without maids. 2020 could not be harder. And with that comes the sad realisation that any kind of leisure trips are now forbidden for god-knows till when. So my wanderlust soul couldn't have been more wistful. And at that...

Announcement : An E book on the way

Announcement : An E book on the way

Journey through the culture, history, architecture, quirks, idiosyncrasies and other endearing or astonishing traits of Kolkata, that make this city unique. A new e-book on your way.

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