About Me

A Banker by profession, I find my solace in writing. By education though a computer engineer, fiction attracts me more than technical stuffs. When I am not dealing with the loan documents , you can mostly find me digging my nose in a book or Facebook. Procrastination is thy middle name and I never hesitate to put out for tomorrow what can be done today.

Authored the book Tales of Wizardencil and co authored few anthologies like Hawk’s Nest, Sweek Flash fiction Book Part 2 and 4, Sharing Lipstick and Route 13: Highway to Hell.

Some of my blogs have been featured in pages like Momspresso, Women’s Web and Bonobology.

A Potterhead, I adore the magical world of Harry Potter and till date trying to figure out which owl misplaced my Hogwarts letter.

Currently living in the ‘city of Joy’ Kolkata, I aspire to be the Head of a bank, a bestselling author and owner of a library (yes, in this life only).