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When Cupid Strikes

Neha unlocked her phone for the 100th time and sighed. Waiting for a delayed flight is one boring job. And the Facebook was proving to be the perfect nuisance by spamming her...

The Broken Spirit

house was grieving it’s inmates, who abandoned it. Its spirit was broken not the bricks.

My Husband and I, Maid For Each other In Our Lockdown Kitchen

Thank you Women's Web for featuring my story. Friends, please read and share your feedback. Lockdown tackled with some warmth and humour circling around our basic need - Food! Dedicated to Arnab Saha

Rescue Mission of the Secret Seven

A for Adda – Kolkata Chronicles

With the ongoing lockdown, the Kolkata police is being extra vigilant to dismiss any gathering on the road. And who is giving them the hardest time of all? The adda thheks. Adda...

The Language Debacles

So the 2.0 version of the Modi Government starts with an education minister who had once claimed, “Astrology is No 1 Science in the World.” And a new controversy, “Hindi should be...

Diary of a makeup-challenged girl

The clock was ticking away in glory and I was racing against time. The tiffin was packed, gulping down the semi solid oats and not-so-hot tea and a quick goodbye to hubby...

Author Article: Sreeparna Sen

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