The life that wasn’t

“I can’t do this anymore.”

“What do you want? Don’t I provide you with enough? From that dingy one-room flat, you are living in this lavish villa. Jewellery, money, dress – you have everything, still, you keep cribbing. Any woman would be lucky to walk in your shoes.”

“I never wanted your wealth. All I demand is your time and loyalty, Aniket. Can you give me those?”

The woman’s calm demeanour was unnerving Aniket.

“Just stop your melodrama. I had enough of all the theatrics. If you are uncomfortable just leave. Stop complaining about my ways while you survive on my allowance”

The door was slammed with a thud.

Aniket looked at the vanishing silhouette of his partner leaving the boundary of his walls. Some harsh reality was too painful to face head-on.

“I will deal with this later.”

He consoled himself.


Aniket framed the sentences clear in his mind. This was his last chance to amend life. Charming, smart and suave – his words had melted many a heart in past. But, today, he was nervous. Maybe because today he would not just flirt with some random girl. But profess his one true love. There have been mistakes, wrong choices but today he would try to mend them all.

“I messed up a big time. But can’t we start afresh? I’m sorry for all the miserable things I threw your way, assuming so many things, jumping to conclusions without thinking clearly. I’m sorry for being an arrogant fool. God sent you to me because He knew I needed your strength and support. You’re wonderful; you’re everything to me. Come back before it is too late.”

He kept repeating them in his head and waited for the opportune moment.

A familiar fragrance hit his senses soon after. She was here. It was time to pour his heart out.


“Oh, that dreadful moans again.”

Nurse Mary hated her duty at ward number 101. She knew it wasn’t the patient’s fault, for the most part, he wasn’t aware of anything he did anymore. But his moans were loud and unpredictable, each one coming just when Mary tried to rest a little. Sometimes though she felt sorry for him. The man was merely existing by clinging to the tubes and oxygen mask until the sweet angel of death come to take him away.

Such was the volatility of life. This patient called Aniket Sharma was once a successful businessman who led a promiscuous life. But presently he was counting his last days on a hospital bed, all alone, without a single near one to care for.

This post is written for #StorytellersBlogHop FEB 2022 by Ujjwal ( & MeenalSonal (’.

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  1. This is the harsh reality. All we need to live a peaceful life is counting our blessings and spreading as much as smiles we can. This is what is life made with. But people don’t realize this simple truth and chase their goals, leaving everything behind. Lovely story, Sreeparna. Reality unveiled beautifully.

  2. Our lives are full of complications, of deadlines and stress, what we forget is that most of our problems we make for ourselves, blindly following the pursuit of material happiness. This story brought out that fact beautifully. Kudos

  3. Touching story. Well expressed.
    Sad that it had to end like this for Aniket.
    Wish people realize sooner and not take everything for granted. Our near and dear need our presence and time.
    Life is uncertain. Success, fame and fortune does not last forever. People must choose loved ones, peace and happiness.


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