Savitri – A conjugal fidelity idol or a feminist icon

Have you been one of those girls who dislike smoking, refused alcohol offered at the party, or rejected the casual moves of a lewdly interested guy and jeered as ‘Sati-Savitri’? You are not...

Tramjatra 2023: Celebrating 150 years of trams in Kolkata

Kolkata is a city of rallies. The political rally, apolitical rally, cultural rally – you name it and the city has it. But, for the first time, the city saw a vibrant...

The Romantics: Ye Lamhe, Ye Pal Hum, barso Yaad Karenge.

So I binge-watched The Romantics on Netflix. The girl who barely stays awake after 11 PM was up till 2 at night to watch a documentary! The reasons are many. But primarily because...

Book Review: THE SORCERY OF THE SENSES by Tanima Das

Book Name: THE SORCERY OF THE SENSES Author name: Tanima Das Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Fantasy has always been one of my favorite genres. So when Tanima writes a fantasy novel I am more than eager to...

Book Review: Not So Grave by Dr. Aparna Salvi Nagda

Book Name - Not So Grave: Commentry from beyond Author - Dr. Aparna Salvi Nagda Rating - 4  🌟 Dying is not that bad after all. Do try it once A book that talks about death, grief, loss,...

Book Review : The Wait And Other Stories by Damodar Mauzo

Book Name: The Wait And Other Stories Author: DAMODAR MAUZO Rating - 3.5 🌟 After a long time, I am back with the book review section. The second half of my last year went...

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Short Stories

The life that wasn’t

“I can’t do this anymore.” “What do you want? Don’t I provide you with enough? From that dingy one-room flat, you are living in this...


The Fall of the Great Palace

The Palace was the most beautiful thing in the universe. It was God's own creation. The rooms were spacious, the corridors were green. Brooks...

The Blue Conspiracy

what will happen when mother nature decides to take back what she gifted us to nurture and we, the humans started mistreating

The Secret Bond of Lie

Love, Heartbreak & More

The Return

Journey of Alan