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A Banker trying to make her niche in the world of writing. Short stories, Blogs and Articles, you will get them all here. Procrastination is thy middle name, and I do not hesitate to put out for tomorrow what can be done today. More facts about me in about me section

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Other than what you have read above, I had written some more about me here.

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I like to explore the nuances of fiction. And so, I write stories. Read my stories here.


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Micro fiction, because, why not?


My achievements and little things that mean a lot to me.

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Tea With a Drop of Honey – A book to cherish

Tea With a Drop of Honey – A book to cherish

A cup of tea fixes a bad head ache, a boring meeting and a day gone terribly wrong. We all deserve a good cuppa tea and this book is exactly that. The latest presentation by The Hive, Tea with a drop of Honey is all that... Sugar, spice, and everything nice along with...

2020 : Some joys, some tension and a vital lesson

2020 : Some joys, some tension and a vital lesson

When upon life's billows You are tempest tossed When you are discouraged Thinking all is lost Count your many blessings Name them one by one And it will surprise you What the lord has done ~ Guy Penrod As the egregious year gets ready to pack up, it leaves us with...

Book Release : Blood Runs Cold by The Hive

Book Release : Blood Runs Cold by The Hive

  The Hive, brings out their second offering, ‘BLOOD RUNS COLD.’ Blood Runs Cold contains seventeen edge-of-the-seat thriller stories written by seventeen authors. Few are returning authors from their Project#1, but they received close to fifty entries from which...

The Broken Spirit

The Broken Spirit

The old house, especially the north wing, seemed to have collapsed inwardly on itself, like something heavy had sat on the roof and sagged it. The slates on the roof were covered with patches of moss or lichen. Time had performed irreversible deeds upon the crumbled...

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