Love In Trying Times – Book Review

I love reading anthologies. When a number of authors come together with stories of various flavours revolving around a common topic usually they are a treat for the readers.

I am lucky to be part of some of such anthologies. One such being Love in Trying Times by Wolf Books Publishing. I just finished reading my author copy and I must say the selection of the stories are great.

If you are like me who thinks Love stories are clichéd, love stories are boring – this book is there to surprise you. Each story is different, and takes an unique take on the most used word LOVE.

The foreward has been written brilliantly by Sayanti Das.

The book opens with Enakshi Biswas’s Mango Shower. A forbidden love, pain of separation and some brilliant allegory.

The next story Love Love Love is a completely contrasting one with Sangeeta Deshpande’s great sense of humour and presentation that made a simple everyday tale into a grand narration.

And as you are trying to suppress your smile reading some new vows of love, a melancholic tale of the Flutist by Taniya Roy will hold your attention.

When we talk about trying times, the partition of India haunts our memory and so does the story by Sukanya Sarma, A letter to Fatema Bano. The partition had left many aching hearts and so does this story.

The story “Fate, Time and My dear Champa” by Enakshi Johri written around the time of Corona and lockdown gets as real as possible.

Adarsh Rachana’s The Boy with a stutter is a complete change of taste where love is lingering in the background as a boy braves his greatest fear.

Prachi Percy Sharmas Love in the Times of crime is a surprise addition to the plethora of stories. Love, crime and glamour intermixes to enthrall the reader.

The next story Women in Medias Res by Oindrila Gupta got me most thinking. You have to read to unlock the mystery of this love story.

The curtain drops with Soumya Bharathi’s Beyond the glass door which shatters many a glass ceiling about mental health and an endearing read

Amidst all these brilliant pieces lingers my small attempt called The Secret Bond of Lies.

If this review interests you please get the book and share your feedback.

Amazon :  Love In Trying Times


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