Diary of a makeup-challenged girl

The clock was ticking away in glory and I was racing against time. The tiffin was packed, gulping down the semi solid oats and not-so-hot tea and a quick goodbye to hubby dear, I rushed down the stairs to reach office on time. A local uncle gave a curious look at me as I semi-ran down the street. May be my disheveled hair was the reason. Never mind, I will tie them up in the office.
Every day I dream to wake up early to get a more peaceful farewell from home as I embark on my office journey, but, every time the dream refuse to leave me awake. Not my fault at all.


The cool breeze of air conditioning in the office helped me feel like a human again and after lazing around for a few more minutes I took my steps towards the washroom with my sole companion, the comb.

The washroom during this time is always overcrowded with all the beauty queens getting ready to face the day with the power of makeup.

No, no, do not get me wrong. I don’t think they are doing something wrong but, as the critical level makeup challenged patient, I am just envious. So as a junior colleague perfectly traced her liquid eyeliner, giving herself a winged look in the dimly lit restroom, I could feel nothing but awe. In my thirty years of existence on this earth, I could never promote myself from the eye kajals to the liquid one. They can almost smell my fear and smudge prematurely.

Anyways, as I was gawking shamelessly at the innate talent of the eye liner champion, another one has occupied my spot in front of the mirror. Not that I need a huge spot, a sly glance at my reflection was enough for my job to be done, but hey, I am a senior, may be makeup deficient one but, will regain my spot nevertheless. So with a husky voice (at least that sounded in my ear) , and a firm “Excuse me”, I pushed my way nearer to the glass on the wall. Now the second champion has already started pulling out magic bunnies from her cute glittery hat um sorry, pouch. Tiny little bottles with white and coloured liquid inside it. I tried to squint my eyes to read what was written on the bottle but my myopic eyes failed me miserably. Meticulously she started applying them one after another on her face. I guess they have a sequence which I failed to decipher. I know the name of four ingredients which I possess, locked down in the cold dungeons of my drawer. And have the good fortune to see the daylight only during some special occasions like wedding parties. In the meantime, some chatterbox has entered the scene, spoiling the meditative mood of decking up and declaring her latest feat at some online cosmetics store. She even offered some shades of lipstick to match the dress of her friends. She was carrying a coveted collection! Soon the conversations turned to which one was more smooth, smudge free, oily food resistant etc. I was bored.

So, tying up my hair in a regular ponytail, I dragged myself back to the seat and decided to binge watch some of the makeup tutorial popping up on Facebook. They are clean, fast( skips certain frames I am sure) and entertaining. These videos give me a pleasure of virtually putting on the make up which in real life I am too lethargic to try. Another regular day of my make up free life.


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