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Book Recommendation: Trail XIII, the path to perdition by The Hive

The stories have all the elements a horror world can comprise of - witches, haunted houses, ghastly serial killers, occult, ancient myths and folklores, weird cults, monsters, the dark demons lurking behind the deepest fears of the mind. Most of the stories are good, some better than others.

Tea With a Drop of Honey – A book to cherish

A cup of tea fixes a bad head ache, a boring meeting and a day gone terribly wrong. We all deserve a good cuppa tea and this book is exactly that. The...

Book Release : Blood Runs Cold by The Hive

  The Hive, brings out their second offering, ‘BLOOD RUNS COLD.’ Blood Runs Cold contains seventeen edge-of-the-seat thriller stories written by seventeen authors. Few are returning authors from their Project#1, but they received close...

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