​Mirror, Mirror On the wall

Dream House or nightmare???


Every night I desire her with all my heart but she avoids me viciously. My whole existence prays to the Almighty to make me one with her. But all in vain. The...


Source: Happiness


A new girl has joined our office fifteen days back. Her ever smiling face and dressing sense, especially the unique style of wearing her scarf around the head has impressed many, including...

Ideal Weather

The mobile was ringing. Reluctantly he took the call. "Where are you M? An important job has been assigned. Meet me urgently at the inn." "I have just opened my can of beer D....

Explosive Findings

"How many times do I need to tell you not to go to the prohibited region?"Mother was fuming. "But Mom...", little Rik started feebly. "No but, Rik. Those regions are sealed by the Government...

The Dream Machine

The research was almost complete. Only the final experiment was left. Success was just a few metres away. Now I need only a sedative and a subject to test the final result. 50 bucks...

In the days of War

It was a typical sultry afternoon of summer vacation. Ma was sitting on the porch, cutting the mangoes. Lazily reclining on the porch swing I was devouring “The diary of a young...