Book Review : Goya by Priya Bajpai

Book Name : Goya

No of pages : 138

Author Details : Priya U Bajpai is a Mumbai-based author and a poet.

Cover : The cover is simple yet the beautiful combination of hues catches the attention of the onlooker immediately.

Book Review : Goya in Urdu means “as if or though.”
True to its name this medley of tales from far and wide with a potpourri of variant characters intrigues the readers by hooking them in suspension of disbelief. The talented author Priya Bajpai takes the readers to a different world altogether with each story.
The best thing about this ensemble of 27 stories is that you can just open any one of the story and get immersed in to the magical world of Priya’s writing. From murder mysteries to sci-fi and fantasies, from thrillers and horror to light hearted humour, this book is a collection of eclectic flavours. The stories travel from the land of Pharaohs to the beautiful sea shores. One moment you will find yourself accompanying a time traveler and the next a detective. From playing a role play in a murder mystery the reader will land in an actual murder scene in no time. This variety is what makes this book so interestingly beautiful.
Incidentally the first story is named kaleidoscope and that is what describes this book the best. A constantly changing colourful patterns that will keep the readers hooked till the last story.
I am not going give individual story feedback but I can assure each story has something for you. My favourite being The Blue Shoes and The Second Best Bed.
I absolutely recommend this book for the range of emotions and situations it encompasses.
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P.S. The author is donating the proceeds of this book for the purpose of welfare of the Covid warriors and helping the Covid victims. Be a part of this noble venture


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