Book Review: THE SORCERY OF THE SENSES by Tanima Das


Author name: Tanima Das

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Fantasy has always been one of my favorite genres. So when Tanima writes a fantasy novel I am more than eager to read it. THE SORCERY OF THE SENSES attempts to create a fantastical world – a world governed by the 5 senses. The noble senses created by the holy stone must be protected from the evil ones else the world as we know would cease to exist.

About the author

Tanima Das is an author from India. She has won the prestigious Write India contest three times winning praises from Twinkle Khanna, Clare Mackintosh, and Salman Rushdie. Her short stories have won awards and love over various media platforms. Tanima’s work has been published extensively in India and abroad. Her stories are regular in popular magazines like Woman’s Era. She works currently as a software engineer while writing remains the one true love of her life.

The story

The universe is created by the holy stone through the birth of 5 senses – Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch, and Taste. But, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So unknown to the creator, equally powerful evil powers were born at the same time. The holy stone was then put under the guardianship of the 5 senses and a crusade to save the world from the evil powers started. The war has been continuing for ages. Dhruv, the protagonist, fighting his own personal battles, is intricately related to this crusade and the five senses are trying to help him in the discovery. Will they succeed? How will Dhruv save the holy stone and the universe, is the story. In the process, we meet the talented Ghriz and Mongo. A story of lust, power, and reincarnation.

The things I liked
  • The absolutely unique idea. A fantasy journey around senses just blew my mind. The author’s rich imagination run high and one would be stuck at the beautiful imagery created by her.
  • Beautiful world creation. The description of the different worlds of Nakesia, and Kai Tran are so vivid that you would feel you are living there. Starting from describing the natural setup to the social rules of the tribe, the author does a perfect job here.
  • While most of the fantasies I have read target young readers, this one with sensitive topics like female foeticide, adultery, and domestic imbalances targets a more mature reader base. And mind it all these topics have been dealt with much subtlety and in a sensitive manner.
  • My favorite part of the book is however the one told from Juithika’s perspective. Perhaps I could connect with her more. Especially the line where the wife remembers how her in-laws found more flaws in her in 26 days than she knew about in 26 years hit hard.
  • The pace of the book. Once started the reader is compelled to rush through it, the story never wanders away.
  • The names of the characters. In a world of fantasy creating unique, lovable names and distinct characters was applaudable. Ghriz, Mong, Nakesia, Khraex, Ghrexad, Biyu – are some of the interesting names that draw the attention of the reader. The side characters were also well crafted and added to the substance.
What could have been better
  • More arto the character of Dhruv. Call me shallow but I love my main protagonist likable, to root for him die for him, and fight the antagonist myself for him. I possibly could not love him and that jarred the experience because I wanted to live with him. I know it is a complicated relationship just like the one he had with his wife, who somehow got my share of love.
  • The ending seemed abrupt. I understand it was just the beginning of the next phase of the adventure, but “yeh dil maange more.” Yes, this novel is part of a series and the readers will be eager to know about the journey of Dhruv through different lives.

Overall the book Sorcery of the Senses is a unique read, especially since I have not read such a plot from any Indian author. Kudos to the author for the brave attempt.


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