​Mirror, Mirror On the wall

This house is haunted that is why you got it so cheap.
Oh come on, there is no such things as ghost. When will you grow up?

OK. But do not tell me, I did not warn you. 


The house was just perfect. Jay had fallen in love with it the moment he saw it. Surprisingly, unlike other beautiful things this building was within his budget and he could not believe his luck. So he decided to move in immediately with his wife Anya.

But his wife seemed to have a different opinion. For the first two days she was also enjoying the house, but something drastically changed after the third night. She behaved like a totally different person with only one demand, “Leave this house immediately”. He tried to distract her in various ways. Took her to her favorite restaurant, but she never liked the food. Took her at the shop she loves, could not choose anything. Even her favorite bookstore also could not uplift her mood. 
Days went into a month. Things did not improve. She hardly spoke with him nowadays. Her sad, somber face lingered everywhere he went. Neither did she eat much. The nights were worse. Her sleeplessness worried him. At last he decided to give in.


10 days later they left the house. He was relieved to find her smiling after many days, which seemed like ages. Only her smile was a little different now. Something was amiss and he was unable to solve the puzzle. Only if he had visited the attic once he could find the missing piece. The trapped soul of Anya behind the mirror still crying for help. 


Note: You can also follow the story in nibble reads http://nibblereads.com/mirror-mirror-on-the-wall/

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