Thankless Job

The clock struck 11. After much labour Jina could put her little oene to sleep before  serving the dinner to Ray.  Jina had experimented with  a new chicken recipe today. She had worked hard the entire day for the best taste and was eager for the review.

“The job sucks. My boss…he is an asshole. You break your back, work like a donkey for 14 hours a day and he would not notice. Do one mistake and he is like I am the most worthless fellow he has ever seen”, Ray was fuming on the dinner table.

“Will you take another chicken piece?” she asked gently.

“My life is falling apart and all you care is about your chicken. But how would you understand the frustration of a thankless job? Sitting idly at home,  watching TV the whole day, you can never understand my pain.

Jina sighed and kept quiet.

Ray finished his dinner and went to sleep. “Wake me up at 7 am. I need to reach office early tomorrow”, were his last words before retiring to bed.

Jina went to wash the plates, mentally jotting down the next chores to complete before sleeping.

1. Ironing the washed clothes.

2. Arranging for  next days breakfast.

3. Setting the alarm for 5 am.

The mirror on the wall was still mocking Jina, “How would you understand the frustration of a thankless job?”

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