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The Broken Spirit

house was grieving it’s inmates, who abandoned it. Its spirit was broken not the bricks.

Tale of two Worlds

Minu was lost in a deep thought. The shrill whistle of the cooker jolted her out of the trance. She busied herself getting the cups and plates ready. Amidst the clinking sound...

Story of Two Unrequited Love

My bookstore mostly remains secluded during the afternoon. So I was dozing in my chair when a melodious voice stirred me up from my dream. “Excuse me.” And when I looked up, the most...

A Walk to Remember

The final goodbye. Goodbyes are hard but etches etarnal memory in mind

Deal with Satan

Time and Tide wait for none. Looking at herself in the mirror Mira heaved a sigh of grief. Yesteryear’s leading heroine, the dream-girl of millions, also could not escape the law of nature....

In Search of Serenity

can a google search turn into a booby trap?

The Sunset

A difficult trek up the hill and a mesmerising view welcomed them. Then?

The Wordsmith

Will the future – although dominated by technology – still belongs to us humans?.

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