Story of Two Unrequited Love

My bookstore mostly remains secluded during the afternoon. So I was dozing in my chair when a melodious voice stirred me up from my dream.
“Excuse me.”
And when I looked up, the most beautiful, starry eyes, were waiting with a copy of “Wuthering Heights”.
She wore the most contagious smile that lingered through the rest of my day. And when she left the store I realized, I was completely and irrevocably in love with that angelic stranger.


The next several days I kept waiting for her. My heart knew she would return. And she did return the next week. And again the week after that. Buying a new book each time.
Books are my life. Her interest in books increased my attraction. So I decided to profess my love through the best way I knew, a letter. I poured my heart into it and then slipped inside the book, before packing it for her.
The whole week I waited in anticipation for the reply. But when she came, there was no answer. And I was too shy to ask her anything. So instead I slipped another love note in her new book.
The answers never came. And neither did she returned again. My first love remained unreciprocated.


The answer came several weeks after, when I responded to an online classified ad.
“Books for sale. Brand new. Never opened from packages.”
So the books made their way back to the store with some letters that were never opened.


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