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When Cupid Strikes

Neha unlocked her phone for the 100th time and sighed. Waiting for a delayed flight is one boring job. And the Facebook was proving to be the perfect nuisance by spamming her...

Rescue Mission of the Secret Seven


The Blue Conspiracy

what will happen when mother nature decides to take back what she gifted us to nurture and we, the humans started mistreating

The Day Time Fell In Love

This is a story of long, long ago when the Earth was young and Time was younger. Those days Gods would often leave their abode to visit the Earth. Sporadic events of...

Truth Or Dare

It all started with a simple “I dare you” in school. The challenge was to sneak a letter, more specifically, a love letter, into the school bag of Pooja. No romance was involved....

Story of Two Unrequited Love

My bookstore mostly remains secluded during the afternoon. So I was dozing in my chair when a melodious voice stirred me up from my dream. “Excuse me.” And when I looked up, the most...

The Interview

Uncommon things have always caught the fancy of the little mind who is the main protagonist of today's story. Though it was never evident whether they gripped her thoughts permanently or was...

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