The Wordsmith

Year 2050

6:00 pm

Mr Roy, the head of the leading publishing house was fuming in rage when the secretary entered the cabin.

“Call all the sales and marketing managers urgently for a meeting in conference room”, he demanded.

This publishing house was his dream project. Once a vibrant robotic engineer, started this publishing house 15 years back with meagre resources but great ideas. His innovations brought revolution in the literary world and other publishing houses soon followed his path. But this technology maestro was always two steps ahead of his competitors. That is until today.


6:30 pm

The managers queued up one by one in the conference room to face the fire line. The subtle whispers stopped abruptly as Mr Roy stormed into the room. 

“How did this happen? Our sales figure have been dipping constantly for last few months but now it has reached an all-time low. A nascent publishing house ran by amateurs is now taking the top position dribbling us and you people are allowing that to happen. Give me a good reason for that”, Mr Roy continued in a single breathe.

After minutes of silence some brave heart volunteered to answer, “Latest survey is showing readers are not identifying with our posts like before. The readership has majorly shifted to the new e-Mag.”

“Pray to say why it is so? We are the pioneer in the market who dared to introduce robotics in the world of literature. Our writers do not have to toil for any topic, proof reading or mistakes. Only inputting the keywords the system generates fast and flawless stories. This technology has been a trendsetter and others are borrowing our ideas yet our own company is providing such poor result? “Mr Roy fired.

With no reply from the managers Mr Roy continued, addressing the marketing head, “I need a report on the reasons by tomorrow morning sharp “ and then facing the others, “Things should only improve from hereon and there should not be any excuse next month”, With these words Mr Roy dispersed the meeting and left for his cabin.


Next day, 10:00 AM

Mr Roy’s Cabin

The marketing head was sitting in front of his boss fidgeting with his hand absentmindedly as Mr Roy continued to sign some papers in front of him

After a while Mr Roy looked up and said, “Yes tell me. You wanted to inform me something urgently”.

He hesitated for a moment and said, “Sir, I think I have found out the reason for their success”.

Mr Roy looked with interest at him as he continued.

“This publishing house has again appointed human authors for the writing job discarding the robotic writers”.

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