When upon life’s billows
You are tempest tossed
When you are discouraged
Thinking all is lost
Count your many blessings
Name them one by one
And it will surprise you
What the lord has done
~ Guy Penrod

As the egregious year gets ready to pack up, it leaves us with many a thoughts to ponder upon. On social media, the hashtag #2020 is generally attached to events that are horrible in one form or another. But if there’s one thing this wild year has taught us, it’s to count our blessings and really focus on the things that make us happy and keep us connected. And personally I learned a vital lesson. Not everything will go as planned. Rather things will take their own sweet course, not even remotely crossing the dream road that you had paved in anticipation. But it’s okay. The destination is reached nevertheless. The new road might be a little bumpy, devoid of the scenery we expected, but, it’s a road alright. With new experiences and newer adventure we reach our goals. So here is my personal recount of the year bygone which taught me to calm my anxious self and make peace with destiny.

This special year actually opened with a bang when, after a wait of several months two beautiful pink lines announced we are to welcome our little one into the family. And being a planner, I started planning everything. The doctors, the hospital, the maternity shoot, buying new clothes. I even planned a small outing during my second trimester. I always want everything to go as per plan. Else I get a panic attack. Thus everything was chalked out and all was going smooth (barring my horrible morning sickness which was time blind and attacked me at night!) That was until Lord Corona decided to bless the earthlings. And all hell broke loose. Nothing again went as per plan.

First the news of the disease brought anxiety. No one knew much about it. Different advices started flowing in to keep the would-be mother and the child safe. That got my confused self more puzzled. Things got worsened as the lockdown was announced. The maids stopped coming. The doctors avoided appointment, USG was stopped at clinics and I went paranoid. Google was my constant companion. I searched every minute symptoms. Instead of helping, it just increased my tension. But, still I was glued to it.

My in laws could not travel and come and I could not move to my mother’s place. The whole situation looked terrifying. We, two inexperienced fellows scurried around the household works, clueless. In the increasingly complex world we starved for some certainty and that was one thing certainly not coming soon.

Each month we expected things would look up the next month, but, the blight was here to stay. The elders were unhappy as their plan for a grand baby shower ceremony was reduced to a humble ritual. But, when survival is a luxury, celebrations were to be kept at bay.

And then came the dreaded announcement from the doctor. Due to some complications she wanted an early c section. The hospital beds were already scarce and I had to get admitted in an emergency. After much ado arrangements were made. But, new normal has new rules. No one was allowed to stay or visit me after the delivery at the hospital! As per the new policy outsiders were not allowed inside the hospital.

But, with great adversities came the most pleasant gift. Our son and our joy knew no bound. The next 4 days were painful. Recovering without a near one and jaundice of the newborn, meditation and books were my only solace. And in that tranquility of the aloneness, in the otherwise morbid hospital room, I realised the ultimate truth. Life has its own plan. We have no hold over it.The tough times do pass away and destiny rewards. Not everything goes as we decide, but we need to embrace life as it is. If every night instead of counting sheep we count our blessings the sleep would be more peaceful.

As I complete this blog after the hundredth interruptions by the cry, coo and smile of my little bundle of joy, I gathered that some interruptions are necessary and perhaps some good will come out of it. This pandemic has interrupted our daily life and taught us to rest and retrospect, to value what is actually precious. And when this storm will end, we will emerge stronger, happier and more empathetic to others. Cheers to a beautiful new year in offering.


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