Book Reading Experience : Vignettes – A slice of Life

Book Title: Vignettes – A slice of Life
Author: Chandrika R Krishnan
Genre : Flash Fiction
No of pages : 36

Sitting in an almost non-moving vehicle, profusely sweating and cursing the untimely shower that resulted in traffic congestion, I opened my Kindle library to choose something to read. Yes, I am guilty of hoarding books, piling up my TBR list, that comes to my rescue during these ungodly occasions. On a whim, I chose Chandrika R Krishnan’s Vignettes which was downloaded long back, but, was not read yet.

And soon the stories drifted me away from the hustles of the city and I was meandering amidst 12 beautiful flash fictions. Aptly named Vignettes, this short book, with its simple subjects and simpler presentation tugs the correct chords of the heart. The best part of the book is that the author communicates with the reader without any ‘show-off’. The prose is easy to understand and devoid of any flowery description.

The stories revolve around our everyday life and never forgets to remind the reader how beautiful this life is, with all its myriad flavors. And it will be a crime if I don’t mention them individually.

The book opens with an endearing tale “Love at first sight.” A story that shows love is eternal and can happen anytime, with anyone. The sweet, short love story of an old man surely charms the reader.

The second story “Time to move on” talks about giving yourself a second chance. The setting is as real as it can get with office romance and the dreaded thirty -phobias.

Paths do Cross and Stepping into the Giant Shoe is based on life in the pandemic stricken world and the reader will surely relate.

Then there is Sophia, whose neurons betray her and with that her elixir, the words start eluding her. This one, “The Die was cast”, hit hard.

Then there is a Ken, who is bothered with unwanted help and another Inspector Shivraj Patel, who gets a chance to introspect.

Are you one like me, who tries to complete an unknown story after catching a glimpse of it while travelling with strangers? Then you will love, “Where Angels Tread.”

Politics around statues is nothing new in this country. But, what if the statues start speaking their mind? Read this humorous take in “The Mother of Politics.

Stagnate in a Flux, is the story where education takes on patriarchy heads on and the ending baffles you.

The other two stories The Elixir and The Climb that costs Dear, are the most relatable for me. Revolving around a protagonist in corporate world.

If I have to nitpick, I will say the book could have used more stories, especially since the content was flash fiction and a tighter editing.

In a nutshell, this potpourri of tales has something for everyone. This short, breezy read can be your true travel companion.

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