Book Review – Chandana Banerjee – Queen of the At-Home Lifestyle

Year 2020 is like no other recent years. As the world is trying to learn how to cope up with the deadly virus and with the ever changing guidelines of lockdown and unlocking, the only thing that is heard more than covid, quarantine and lockdown is “WORK FROM HOME”.

  1. With almost all industries and fields embracing this model in the era of social distancing and travel restrictions, work from home is more important than ever. But, this new home-centric lifestyle have caught many of us unguarded. Juggling a career with household chores, family duties all within the four walls require proper planning and many of us are struggling. And at this juncture I came across this book by Chandana Banerjee – Queen of the At-Home Lifestyle.

The book deals provides you with a step by step guidance (simple, practical and very useful) to emerge out of it shining bright.

Book Name : Queen of the At-Home Lifestyle
Author Details : Chandana Banerjee
She is a multi-passionate homeschooling mom, military wife and micropreneur. A writer, blogger, Amazon bestselling author, Certified health coach, green gal, solopreneur coach for women.

No of pages : 65
The book is not preachy nor a fiction. Dividing the whole thing into 3 distinct parts –
1. Work-from-home Entrepreneurship
2. Homemaking
3. Homeschooling
The writer cleverly breaks down the complex process into sub processes and helps to tackle them more practically. These often less discussed details will help many, I am sure.
Cover Photo
The cover is just apt portraying the queen of the house in her usual sassy avatar.
Let me quickly first jot down the things I liked best about this book.
• Written in a lucid manner, the chapters are easy to read and grasps the readers attention with its free style.
• The thought, expertise and experience that has gone into the making of this book is commendable.
• Small little ideas to make things more efficient and effective while working from home, which are easy to follow and not just theoretical ‘gyanbaji’.
• The language is pretty quirky and with a hint of humour thus not making the book preachy.
• practical solutions to the day to day problems from experienced mind
• The homeschooling guide is vividly written with pro tips and even links to youtube videos provided to help clueless people, like mine.
There isn’t anything negative about the book. One constructive suggestion would be there were repetition of some points. However that doesn’t take away the glory of the book.
With work from home the norm of the day and homeschooling perhaps the truth of recent future this book is an excellent guide to the struggling homemakers, working woman and mothers. It teaches you how to make the best of your home stay even if you think you are burdened with unending chores. I would recommend this book strongly.

You can download it at Kindle from Here

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