Jawan : The star has broken his silence – through his art

A weeknight. 11:30 PM. And a jam packed theatre with hoots and shouts.

Some fresh college graduates beside us are almost bouncing up and down on their chair with every scene. At a certain point they could not sit anymore and started dancing and the husband whispers “Aren’t they a little young to be so crazy about SRK? He was our childhood hero.”

Well sometimes, we are a bit protective about our hero.

Before I could reply the next twist was on screen. But, that is the thing about the SRK universe. His fandom transcends the barrier of age, gender, caste and religion.

Shah Rukh Khan, naam toh suna hi hoga.

How was Jawan? In a nutshell, a star driven commercial action entertainer that works GREAT as a MASS masala movie. In my opinion it is the sensibility of #RangDeBasanti meets the swift execution style of #Nayak dolloped with the charm and style of SRK and you get #Jawan.

A courageous effort on part of the greatest superstar that establishes the tone for future socio-political conversation while delivering us a riveting, traditional hero vs villain story.

The review will take time because I am yet to come out of the daze of the phenomenon who can lit a cigar by the sparks of his boot (like who Rajni?).

Till that time grab a popcorn and invade your nearest theatre. The star has broken his silence – through his art.


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