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The scorching summer heat was unbearable. But, of course, nothing could be done. The school must follow rules and discipline to disperse the students after the classes end. Poor parents like me have no option other than to wait. Today, Section D is coming out last. I could not have been more disappointed. Another twenty minutes, at least. And then I spotted Archana among the anxious crowd. Her kid, Bihan, is a classmate of my son, Apu.

“Hey Archana, I haven’t seen you the whole week. Where were you?”

She looked upset. It wasn’t only the hot sun, it seemed.

“Oh, don’t ask me. Bihan was not keeping well. We had to skip four days of school.”
“Again? How is he now? What does the doctor say?” Bihan had been sick last month too. He missed several school activities then, I remembered.

“Well, he is better now but still feeling weak. He has not been eating properly for the past some time and the doctor diagnosed him as underweight and says that his diet needs to be well-balanced so that he can get all the nutrients he needs.”

“Oh, that must be so hard on Bihan and you as well! How are you managing?” A good diet is a universal concern for all mothers.

“Planning how to feed him right is my full-time occupation now, and I am trying to incorporate all food groups in his meals.”

I could not help but smile at Archana’s tired expression. But I could also empathize. Only a mother can understand what she goes through when their child is ill. We moms try to give the best to our children, but it does not com easy. I decided to share my experience with her.

“You know, Archana, I was in the same situation last year. Apu was always falling sick and never gaining weight. The doctor said that I needed to make his diet healthier. So, I started giving him fruits and veggies on a regular basis, incorporated whole grains like wheat and rice, and also added protein rich foods like milk, cheese and yoghurt.”

Archana was all ears now.

Protein rich food

“And that is why, last month, when we planned the kids’ picnic, all moms made sure that the snacks we brought were not just tasty and tempting but also healthy. You see nutritious foods are a must for growing children.”

“I also made sure that Apu has his glass of milk regularly. He never liked the plain taste so I got Complan in his favourite chocolate flavour and now the milk goes down in a gulp.”
“But why Complan?” Archana was curious now.

“I researched a lot and found that Complan has 34 vital nutrients that children need. Complan has 100% milk protein and contains 63% more protein than other nutrition drinks. So, I introduced Complan to his everyday diet.

“It is good that he drank, but with Bihan, I am never sure.”

“Hey, every kid starts with their doubts. It’s not that Apu accepted it without making a ruckus. But the tasty flavour helped. Thankfully, his cousin drinks Complan every day, and you know my son follows his didi. So that helped.”

“His cousin, your sister-in-law’s daughter? I met her at Apu’s birthday,” Archana quipped in.
“Yes, the same girl. And you can always give Apu’s example. We can do a video call, and there may be a quick competition to see who drinks faster.”
“That is a great idea, dear. Thanks a lot for the tips.”

Milk protein

Archana seemed to be at peace now. Section D had started dispersing.

The teachers were calling Bihan’s name by then. Archana walked forward to fetch her son, mentally noting to buy a box of Complan on her way back home.



Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog content are independent and unbiased views of solely the blogger. This is a part of the public awareness initiative supported by Complan.

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