Sweek Flash Fiction – Part 2 & 4

So I started taking writing seriously since 2017 but, my stories were mostly restricted to my blog page until Sweek came along. My first tryst with flash fiction. And oh boy, what an experience! Each monthly prompts were unique and they disciplined me enough to write regularly. There were hundreds of entries and app was flooded with beautiful stories. Then, the unthinkable happened, I was shortlisted for the #microheart. To be honest this one win boosted my confidence so much that I got the courage to start posting my stories else where . One of them being @swipe_pages contest which landed me the book contract. Okay, that is a separate story. Coming back to the main topic. @sweekstories continued these contests and two of my other stories also went ahead to be shortlisted. And, now finally Sweek is out with all its bundles in 3 parts!!! Featuring all the shortlisted stories. Each one is unique, each one is beautiful. And I am proud that my stories are published in book 2 and Book 4.

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