Talking to a Facebook-Wall

Facebook, the social networking site which was originally conceived for college users have now become a parallel world in itself. I myself have been a member of it for quite a no of years now and have encountered an assorted array of users. Everyone has his or her own social media style, but there are definite patterns in Facebook user behaviour. Some have been decent, sweet whereas some users range from being funny to eccentrically bizarre. I have tried to list down the types as per my observation and if one of them sounds like you or any of your friend, I want you to confess in the comments section.

1.The Narcissist : Facebook nowadays is the outlet for the world’s narcissist to show how wonderful their life is and their favourite weapon is the ” SELFIE”. In some recent past posting photo of yourself taken by your self seemed weird . But now a days the practice has been taken to a whole new level. From the waking moment to having a coffee to waiting for the turn in loo, these users take a selfie of everything and make it a point that the world knows about it(Mostly these people are the first one to like their own post )

2. Mr Popular : Somewhat similar to the above group are the Mr Popular .They have some  2000-3000 friends in their  friend list for no reason . Their posted  photos cross a minimum of 600 likes and the proud users busk in the glory of that great achievements.

3.Non user – Diametrically opposite to the above to categories are the  Non users. Registering in Facebook was a hard task in itself and they do not want to burn their oil by logging into it. They have the same status , same profile picture till time immemorial (sometimes that of a baby or a cartoon). I am pretty sure we all have them in our friend lists .

4.’I am rebel ‘ type – And then there are those “right activists”. They have an opinion about anything and everything going in this world and about the surrounding system.  And a very strong opinion that is. Since due to some family pressure or otherwise they could not join politics they have chosen facebook platform to reach the larger audience . They have their courses of debate, speech and propaganda -all through you know what-their status updates.

5.The Vaguebooker – Well mystery stories are not popular for no reason. They have their own appeal to the readers. Some users take this advantage and will post something like ” Oh why me ?????” or ” I am so pissed off right now “without disclosing why. This will then get a hundred followers to ask why they are upset , and the long meaningless Facebook thread begins.(The Narcissists are not the only attention grabbers you see)

6.The “App”y gamers -Facebook has many addictive game apps, and these people play them. In fact, that is all they do. No no that do not annoy us. What is annoying is their game requests. Life in candy crush have taken such a  toll in life of so many non gamers like us.

7. The Devdas – And then there are the dejected, heartbroken ones who post so sad post about missing their ex  that sometime you will also start missing their ex es. Seriously, do they really think sorrowful quotes and shayaris will bring them back ?

8.The ‘innocent’ devotees- Those who share all the pictures of God because else their whole life will turn into a bad luck or the ones who type ‘amen’ below the picture of every sick child believing that this will help in treatment of the child. This category is “devoted”to them.

9.The taggers : Well uploading your picture or posting how happy or blessed you are is not a crime. But tagging 80 peoples with some “feeling blessed” posts that become an open forum with many unknown others responding and adding to your inbox well that is terrorism my dear.

10.Likers- Then there are the relentless likers those who like and comment on whatever you post . No doubt  The Narcissist and The Popular loves them.

Well there can be few more addition to these categories but unluckily could not make it to my top ten. Do Share your thoughts and any other categories if you find. images


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