Ten Commandments of Pujo

1. First and foremost its ‘PUJO’ and not ‘Puja’ . The most cherished dates a Bengali first looks up in a calendar. The blissful 5 days of Royal celebration.

2. The advent is announced at the break of dawn on the auspicious day of Mahalaya with the majestic voice of Birendra Krishna Bhadra’s Mahishasurmardini. [P.S. Radio is the only preferred medium]

3.Pujor Gandho- The breeze starts carrying a mystic smell of Siuli, Chhatim combining with Pujo preparation scintillating all your senses along with the ambience.

4. Dhyankurakur- The quintessential combination of Dhak, dhol,Kasor Ghonta arousing all the five senses of yours in pure ecstasy .Do not confuse it with the’ nagada’ or ‘dhol bajna’. Its different and no Pujo is complete without them.

5.Pushpanjali –The most sacred prayer a Bengali offers throughout a year .Even the greatest of atheist will be fasting and be clad in their best ethnic dress and present in Pujo Mandop offering their prayer to Mother Durga listing all their wishes for the year.

6. Sandhya Arati – The divine moment with the diyas ;dhakis and their enthusiasm; smell of the dhuno . Well they just lights up the evening more beautifully.

7. Dhunuchi Nach- A perfect cocktail of dance and balancing the incensory (‘dhunuchi’) with perfect matching of steps with the ‘Dhyankurakur ’ during the arati. Yes Pujo do brings out the best in the talented bengalis.

8. Bhog- Pujor Bhog. Nothing in this world can match the taste. The same ingredients just taste different. May be ‘durga ma’s’ blessing add to the flavor.

9. Pandal hopping – What is Pujo without the adda , new dress and night out with friends and families exploring all the themes to showcase our ‘Ma Durga’ even more beautifully.

10.Dashami – The grand event calls for a even grandeur ending .Bengali ladies deck up in white and red sari to bid the Goddess and her children a formal goodbye with vermilion and sweets, in turn also colouring themselves red with the ‘Sindoor khela’. Then the senior and juniors alike starts the prestigious ‘procession’ with light, sound and band but a heavy heart chanting,’Asche bochhor Abar hobe’.

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