A Date Over Coffee

A lot can happen over coffee

The coffee shop was jam packed, but something about the girl sitting beside the window overlooking the sea, instantly caught Aman’s attention. May be it was her eyes that was so captivating. They were the most melancholic yet effervescent eyes he had ever seen. She was sitting all alone, sipping her coffee slowly, oblivious of the world around her, her eyes conversing silently with the sea. Unable to control himself Aman decided to take a chance.
“Excuse me, May I sit here”, Aman started as he pulled the facing chair.
The girl looked up and nodded yes.
“Hi I am Aman. See, the seats are almost filled. Hope you don’t mind.”
“No, not at all. By the way I am Aisha”.
The voice was as enthralling as her eyes. Both struck up a conversation and Aman was charmed inescapably by her unusual beauty and wit.
After about two hours and 3 more cups of coffee both walked out of the shop together, looking very much engrossed in each other.


“Young IT guy found mysteriously murdered on the desolate beach. A third murder of similar kind on the beach where victim drank coffee just before murder. Police is still clueless,” read the next day’s local paper.


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  1. Hey little Shakespeare…. You are amazing…… Please carry on the wonderful work…..But I still prefer happily ever after to murders….

  2. Hello Sreeparna !!
    I read your work for the very first time a s should confess I’m in love with it… keep writing.. way to go girl!!


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