The Lost History

Thousands of years ago, there was a prosperous kingdom called Malaya. The King was kind and brave. The subjects were hard working and jubilant. Art and literature flourished in this realm. The capital city boasted the largest library of its time. Scholars from all over the country flocked here to transpose knowledge. The benevolent ruler was a worshipper of art. Unlike others,he never discriminated on the basis of religion or caste. Prosperity prevailed everywhere.
But soon dark clouds loured skies of Malaya. The barbaric Iksha dynasty ambuscaded Malaya. Their warrior King was on a mission to establish the supremacy of his dynasty and believed in only one religion, his religion. After 14 days of fighting valiantly the minuscule army of Malaya succumbed to the greater force. The following days witnessed ineffable violence and extermination converting the vibrant region into a cemetery.
“We have completely ambushed the province, Lord.”
“No, the most powerful weapon is yet to be destroyed.”
“The army has surrendered all weapons, Lord.”
“Books are the most powerful weapons, you fool. Demolish the library and burn all the books. Let the history of this kingdom be rewritten in our own version  and seal the win forever.”


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  1. “Let the history of this kingdom be rewritten in our own version and seal the win forever.” this is the actual history of all dynasty of all time.
    Nice one.


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