What’s in a name? #BlogchatterA2Z2021 Theme Reveal

Hello people on Earth,
I am Sampurno. At least that is what the man and woman in the house keep confirming me. I am not sure if I like this name or these adult bunch has actually finalize it. Because despite naming me Sampurno, they keep calling me with different quirky names all the time. Weird people, weird habits.

Spending only few months on this earth I have already gathered that dissent is the order of the day. It is a tough job for these earthlings to agree on a common point. So officially three sets of couple have gifted me three different names – Sampurno, Ahan and Deep. And even after the existence of this varied name set I am called by completely different names which has no relationship with the above mentioned naming. As I already said, these grown ups are a crazy lot.

So, while struggling to teach these adults, especially the man and the woman who lives in my house, some decent things, I am gaining wild, crazy experiences. I have decided to jot them down in a diary and will share some of its pages in the coming month. Do tune in to read my exciting journey through babyhood.

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