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Chapter H: The House Party

Dear Diary, I am taking a break from narrating the ultra eventful Rice ceremony. For now, let me tell you what happened last night. As you know I love to live in peace, on...

Chapter G: The Greater Tragedy

Dear Diary, I am back with my unfinished story. And where else can I go? You are the only one to understand my miseries, my friend. So on that fateful day after they took...

Chapter F: The Full On Treachery

Dear Diary, Didn’t I once tell you that these adults must never be trusted? I once again learnt it the hard way. This man and woman in the house, I must say, are...

Chapter E: Episode of Rolling

Dear Diary, Practice makes a man perfect. This is an important lesson. Even I know that. But these adults in the house seem to have skipped that lesson. Now, I want to perfect...

Chapter D: Discovering the tasty treat

From that day I understood I was on my own and these adults are never going to offer me the things I actually crave. So I decided to take things into my ‘own hand'.

Chapter C: Chaos over snaps

Oct 25, 2020 Dear Diary One should never entertain these adults much. They soon take a fancy of their weird habits and cause an upheaval. For me, it all started with one innocent pose. The case...

Chapter B: Did the baby Poop?

Just today as I was sipping into my happy phase after my favourite bath session, the same question attacked me for the hundredth time and spoiled my mood. “When are you going to do potty?”

Chapter A: The unspoken words

Oh God, where have you sent me? Put me back in the darkroom where I slept comfortably for months.

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