Dear Diary,

I am back again to share my struggle with you. You are the only one with whom I can share the story of my journey in this cruel, and unjust world.

The other day the woman of the house was having something crunchy and crispy with her tea. The thing looked so tempting. So, I started asking for it. She immediately attended to my demand and you know what she offered instead of that delectable thing she was having? Her breast. Of course, I did not want it. So, I protested vehemently and the clueless fellow was back with a bottle. The selfish woman just would not share her food. With no option left I had to drink from the bottle only. 🙄

From that day I understood I was on my own and these adults are never going to offer me the things I actually crave. So I decided to take things into my ‘own hand’. And my, my, I found out my hands are so delicious. And always available. Sometimes I try to eat them both together, but haven’t successfully managed that yet. Now, coming back to that woman. The ever interfering soul even tried to pull my hands away. Of course, she backed off when I shouted at the top of my voice.

Then I discovered few more tasty snacks. The strands of hair on her head were really delicious, but as always she would not allow me to have it. I also took the perfect revenge. Each time she dissuaded me from having it, I plucked away a bunch. Oh her livid face was a treat in itself. 😏😏

The quilt is another of my favorite treats. Also, my dresses. And per usual, she did not like that too, and kept nodding her head, saying, “put that away.” Obviously I royally ignored her.

After all the trial and errors, the tastiest entity is none other than my hands. You must try them too sometimes. They are just heavenly. You will thank me later for this valuable suggestion. I think I should start a food blog with my lovely dish ideas. 😋😋😋


This post is a part of the A2Z021 challenge by Blogchatter.

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