Chapter C: Chaos over snaps

Oct 25, 2020

Dear Diary
One should never entertain these adults much. They soon take a fancy of their weird habits and cause an upheaval.

For me, it all started with one innocent pose.
The case in question started 2 days ago. Usually bath time is my happy time. So my mood was fresh and the woman of the house tended to my grooming and all. I was dressed in a splendor and was put down on a beautiful towel. I was happy. I loved the attention.

Then she started the ordeal. With a black thing in her hand, she started making faces and moving weirdly all the while asking me to smile. I started laughing at her silly movements and surprisingly that encouraged her more. This woman!
“Lovely soshti look”, she exclaimed and started typing something on that black thing. Phew, all this hiatus was for some snaps. These jobless adults I must say. 🙄🙄🙄

The same routine continued the next day too. My hair was combed with extra care, another new dress and innumerable clicks.

Cut to this day, the over ambitious woman put me in a different looking dress altogether. They called it dhoti- punjabi.

“Smile please. Just a little more…”

And here she goes again. But today I am not going to be tricked.

I knew what was coming. But I decided I won’t be a part of the circus today. And I had the most brilliant plan.

First I howled the loudest I know and as they picked me up to comfort I slowly went to sleep. The perfect NO-PIC Asthomi look. 😏😏😏


This post is a part of the A2Z021 challenge by Blogchatter.

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