Chapter E: Episode of Rolling

Dear Diary,
Practice makes a man perfect. This is an important lesson. Even I know that. But these adults in the house seem to have skipped that lesson. Now, I want to perfect my rolling skill. It’s a pleasure to be on the tummy holding my neck high and I loved learning it. Okay, I needed a little nudge from others in the initial days. But these days I need no help. But, it still needs to be perfected. And what better time than night time to do the practice. When everything around me is calm and serene, the man and the woman of the house super sleepy, isn’t that the ideal time to start my practice? But, no, these not-so liberal people refuse to give me that space and insist on sleeping. Am I a dedicated learner or not? How can they think I will waste my precious practice time by sleeping? Atrocious behaviour, I must admit.

And not only that. They are interfering with the practice session at other times too. The other day I tried to continue the practice during the poop time. I am sure it would have been a wonderful experience, but, alas, they restrict me every time. 😔😔

Okay, that’s one dream yet to be fulfilled. But, I have decided nobody can interfere with my night practice schedule. Waiting for this couple to put me down to bed. Tonight I will show them my best rolling stunts. I will share the experience with you later. 😁😁


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  1. Yeah the best rolling stunts happen at night. What a difficult phase this one is. Parents constantly worrying if the child will roll down the bed. All sorts of arrangements are made so everyone gets some sleep.
    Loved your description of it
    Deepika Sharma

  2. Yeah, best rolling stunts happen only during the nights and parents have to keep worrying whether the kid would fall of the bed or brace themselves from the strong kicks if they are cosleeping

  3. Hahaha what a fun read, rolling at night I’m sure is every toddlers dream, and parents ruin it by placing high rise pillows and boundaries. Oops rolling at pop time, this seems to be one adventurous try… Keep dreaming buddy.

  4. So cute. rolling is big stunt is baby’s first year of life. and as a parent, it gives us an immense pleasure too. loving the series. so adorable.

  5. Reading your post brings big smile on my face. Oh yes I agree rolling stunts best happens in the night and we make all the possible arrangements to make sure we sleep without any disturbance.

  6. Rolling is super fun and yes, they have all the rights to practice this fun activity during ANY time. Day or night, eating or pooping, doesn’t matter. Right? A complete fun read!!

  7. Haha Let the fun begin for the parent by their tiny hero. Remembering the days and the related havoc that created to my house when my kiddos started rolling down.


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