Chapter F: The Full On Treachery

Dear Diary,

Didn’t I once tell you that these adults must never be trusted? I once again learnt it the hard way. This man and woman in the house, I must say, are so deceptive. For the last one month they were singing in my ears… be a good boy, drink the milk, soon we will eat rice and all the things nice. And I was so happy from within. The woman who is usually always around me kept disappearing for some time and came back with eye-catching clothes and with a grin she would announce, “Sampurno will wear these dresses when he eats his rice.” Elated would be an understatement. I danced at the thought of eating those colourful adult dishes on their table every day and match my clothes with them. But, as I said you can never trust their words.

Came the awaited day, and myriads of people started pouring in. I kept looking for the food but, no, the woman was busier in dressing me up for the camera. Outrageous!

And then came the actual treachery. The woman, all decked up (I think she got herself more dresses than me 🙄) most lovingly sat me on her lap and allowed a stranger to attack my beautiful tresses. Okay, I agree there weren’t many strands of hair, but they were mine. All these days, they kept repeating I will eat this, I will meet new people, I will wear new dresses, but, not once they uttered that they will snatch away my locks in exchange. Betrayed, shocked, I howled and screamed. I gathered a whole crowd of guests, but, alas, they all teamed up. They all sided with the traitors.

Outnumbered and dejected, I finally had to give up as the man consoled me on his shoulder and black pieces started falling off the head. I could not see clearly with the flood of tears blocking my vision so I sobbed silently while bidding goodbye to my black beauties. On a positive note, the operation did not take long. And soon I was ready for my favourite activity. Bath Time. But I missed my hair. So I did not stop crying for the next several minutes.

Are you wondering if they actually gave me anything to eat after all the drama? Well, let’s keep that story for another day. For now, please join me in mourning the departure of my hair.


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  1. Awww poor baby, once again tricked… I kept laughing while reading – allowed a stranger to attack my beautiful tresses.. and it took me back the memory lane, to my kiddo’s mundan. I can now feel it, even my kiddo was howling and screaming, ohhh my heart feels for him now. How cruel of me, today I certainly mourn the departure of his hair. Wait do I have a sample in baby book, let me check…

  2. The baby’s journey is getting exciting with each post. yes, as a parent we want to do lots of things all together for our baby but did not know how he/she feel.

  3. The feeling of little munchkin on hi mundan ceremony making me imagine of my daughter’s thought when I will take her to mundan ceremony which is due in coming days. Another brilliant piece of cute conversation.


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