Chapter A: The unspoken words

Sep 9th, 2020
Dear Diary,
Today I complete an eventful one month journey on this earth. And I can only say one thing to describe my experience.

Oh God, where have you sent me? Put me back in the darkroom where I slept comfortably for months.

These grown-up humans on duty are just too novice for this job. I am trying to convey my problem for hours now and look at how they are messing it up more. God, are you sure you have sent me to the right address?

There is this one bearded fellow who at the drop of hat comes running with a bottle of medicine, with the reasoning, “His stomach must be aching.” And then force me to drink that yuck medicine. Now, tell me what would one do in such? Of course, I cry harder.

Then there are two women equally confused. One starts thinking I must be hurt and start pulling my hands and legs to find the source of pain. As a result, I need to cry louder to let her stop.

And then the most torturous of all. This woman starts offering me the same old milk every time I cry. Come on lady, either give me something else or stop overfeeding me.

Now it’s almost an hour and still, they have not figured out the solution it seems. I am trying to give so many clues but alas! Why don’t you press that green switch people? It’s right under your nose. Diary please somehow tell them I am feeling damn hot and just need the air conditioner turned on.


This post is a part of the A2Z021 challenge by Blogchatter.

The blogs of A2Z2020 on my beloved city Kolkata is now available in book format. You may check it at Kolkata Chronicles: An A To Z Guide For The Uninitiated

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  1. Ever seen the ‘Look who’s talking’ movies from the 90s? You should check them out… I found them hilarious. They had a similar concept.

  2. Aww this is super cute. loved the way, little baby has expressed her emotions. it will be an interesting read whole month. looking forward what is coming next in upcoming posts.


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