A Godly Affair

Too much commotion was there in the office. Everybody was searching fanatically. The Supreme was sitting with knit brows and was looking askance.
“No trace of the key,” they reported.
He pursed his lips. This is a ploy. A conspiracy of his arch rival to destroy the world he created. But He will also not yield so easily. Something needs to be done fast.
In a far away land was the world created by the Supreme. His beautiful creations adorned the grace of the land. His personal favourite was a bunch of intelligent being, who had a mind of their own, could think logically and create beautiful arts. Almost a replica of Himself.
But He never revealed himself to his creations. So his ingenious children imagined Him in their own way. Some imagined their Creator to be Orange, some White, again some drew a Green picture of Him. And they all devised their own way, to pray to the Almighty.
Now today while the Supreme was scratching his brain to sort out the mess, somewhere down an interesting thing was brewing. A bunch of Orange followers were assembling for a grand procession to celebrate the birthday of their Creator as per the Orange norms. In the ecstasy of celebrating some of the over enthusiasts threw nasty comments to the passing Green followers. Clash of words was followed by a more violent rebuke. Did I mention the dearest creation of Him were not the most patient creatures?
Well, soon the decorated roads turned into a warzone. Few cars were burnt, some swords were in action, smokes clouded the jovial spirit of a few minutes ago.
Amidst all the confusion a mother from the Orange sect saw the young boy of the Green sect priest, lying in the corner, bleeding profusely. Without much thought she rushed him to his father.
But alas, time ran short. The little life succumbed to the wounds. As she handed over the lifeless body of his son to the priest, nervously, she could feel hundred of hateful eyes piercing through her skin.
She looked up at the father helplessly
In a surprisingly calm voice the mourning father pacified the mob, “My child lived the lifespan God granted him. Keep peace and do not snatch away another child’s life in vengeance.”
In his office the Creator was in tears. He has won. Though the key of the ‘humanity’ chest was stolen, it will still take ages to eradicate the undercurrent of humanity completely and He will win again and again.

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