Book Review : Postcards from India

Pandemic, lockdown and a work from home life, without maids. 2020 could not be harder. And with that comes the sad realisation that any kind of leisure trips are now forbidden for god-knows till when. So my wanderlust soul couldn’t have been more wistful. And at that pensive moment I came across this book by Sinjana Ghosh – “Postcards from India – India’s off-beat places tell their stories”. A book about inspiring off beat places of India to visit.
Book Name : Postcards from India
Author Name : Sinjana Ghosh
Number of pages : 64
Topic : India’s off-beat places tell their stories
No, this is no ordinary travelogue. In the words of the author herself, it is an anthology of “some remote corners of the country started telling their own stories to travellers through picture-postcard”. As unique as the concept, such quirky are the choices of places the postcards arrive from. Beautiful, picturesque places with their distinctive speciality from all around India. Much of these unexplored terrains hold gems of natural beauty and architectural wonders to awe you with their discreetness.
Let me quickly first jot down the things I liked best about this book –
• The unique concept of off-beats places writing post-cards to the readers, inviting them to their abode.
• The Map as a content page. The idea took my heart away.
• The choice of places. I admit my ignorance. Except for few like Puri, Havelock, Henry’s Island and Ravangla, I was unaware of most of the places.
The book makes you wonder about the vastness of our country and the travel opportunity it holds. Spanning from east to west and north to south, there is gift of an off-beat place everywhere. And the author has brilliantly captured them in her books
The first thing that will attract you to the books are the photos. An apt cover photo and the picturesque postcard pictures associated with each chapter makes one drool over the places and fills with regret of not being able to visit there immediately. Each unique photograph is breath-taking.
The book is laden with new information for uninitiated readers like me. Along with geographical knowledge the chapters enlighten us with the historical and cultural importance of various places which incites much interest to visit these places.
My only qualms about the book is the letters(postcards) could be written in a more personal manner. Sometimes they felt to be overwhelmed by the excessive information losing the warmth of a letter. But, perhaps that was the strategy of the author which is to be lauded nevertheless.
Overall it is an interesting read and will encourage travellers to explore these new avenues once the restrictions are over. I have already selected a few favourite among all to visit once this turmoil is over and I’m sure others will to be excited to do so.
To know more, download the book from the below link:

Author’s Bio
Sinjana Ghosh is a full-time management professional and a rookie homemaker living
in India. An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, she has 8 years of experience in the technology industry. When she is not working, she is reading news and contemplating on socio-political issues as an argumentative Indian. In other times, she travels, and explores her beloved country.
Travel has broadened her mind and continues to teach her in many ways. It’s travel that made her realize that there’s something she is reasonably good at and can keep doing tirelessly even without remuneration. That “something” is travel-writing. So she  created a blog Backpack & Explore where she puts her skills as a travel planner and her love of writing to good use.


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