Book Review – A to Z of Surviving the First Year of Motherhood

Sometimes we have to appear for an exam, where we feel we are not prepared enough, not confident about the syllabus and the fear of failure overwhelms us. Something like that has been gripping me for several weeks and with each day, as the D day is approaching the nervousness increase. Because unlike conventional exams, this one does not come with any pre determined syllabus, Motherhood is unique and a different experience for every Mom.
And at that crucial juncture I came across this book by Poorvi Khare – A to Z of Surviving the First Year of Motherhood.
It felt like that suggestion shared on the night before engineering exam. The only thing that can save my paper now.
And my experience with the book in one word – fabulous. Let me touch each point separately.

A to Z of Surviving the First Year of Motherhood :A Definitive Guide to Surviving your First Year as a Mom

About the Author
Poorvi Khare is a freelance writer and mom blogger. An ex IT Professional and Teacher, she is an avid reader who got hooked on books very young and is now following her passion for writing. You can find out more about Poorvi on her blog at Being Mommy & More, where she writes about mom life and parenting.
With her debut book A to Z of Surviving the First Year of Motherhood‟ she aims to help Moms with their struggles and challenges of the first year and survive it all with her practical tips and tricks. So that Moms can enjoy this precious time with their babies.

The cover is just apt. Soothing, beautiful and sweet. Just the way a baby should make you feel.

• Written in a lucid manner, the chapters are easy to read and grasps the readers attention with its free style.
• The overall tone is extremely positive. The first few months of struggle are real and the writer does not shy away from telling the truth but, she also adds the points which helped her or how despite all the odds the end result will be beautiful.
• It assures a mother of her worth. The beautiful portrayal with personal anecdotes soothes the harsh realities and keep the mother hopeful.
• Humor helps the book more palatable and I lin most of the part despite the struggle it will make you smile.
• Poorvi delivers what promised. Moms with their struggles and challenges of the first year and surviving them with her practical tips and tricks, so that Moms can enjoy this precious time with their babies. The book is exactly that

There isn’t anything negative about the book. One constructive suggestion would be there were repetition of some points especially how the mother is important and the importance of self care. However I also feel the same is necessary for the new mother who is trying to figure out everything amidst the chaos.

Having lost a classmate in last month to suicide due to postpartum depression shook me to the core especially as I was getting ready to traverse on the path of new motherhood soon. This book helped me to regain my confidence and at least theoretically I am prepared to face the new phase of my life which is exciting as well as overwhelming. The best thing about the book was it’s conversation style of writing which helped to engross the readers immediately. And in the coming days might be one of the must grabs for the first time parents to sail with ease.
Overall the writer has done justice to this much needed topic and now I am waiting to see to the practicality of the chapter in a few weeks.

You can download it from Here.


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