Diary of Sampurno : Mobile phone, where art thou?

Due to my busy schedule, I was not getting time to share my diary with you all. A recent incident has disturbed my routine much and any help to overcome it will be much appreciated.

The incident has sabotaged my blissful dinner time in a planned manner. How do you ask? First, let me enlighten you with the background. A few months ago I discovered through friends and family that there lies a wonderful world inside Mummum’s mobile which she always carries around. Earlier the woman always tried to distract me with books and other not-so-happening toys. But then, they weren’t as interesting as Youtube. I was curious to explore more. However, there was never enough time. The mobile left the house with the woman leaving for the office and was only available when she returned. I tried to explore Maasi’s phone too and faced utter disappointment. Even my toy mobile has more features than her stupid black box. So dinner time gave me the optimum chance. The woman was back, and so was her mobile phone. I did not open my mouth till she start the video. And voila, the beautiful world of videos was unlocked. Just so you know Diana and Roma, 5 little monkeys, and Srivalli are my favorite picks. Yes, yes, I am exploring various tastes.

Now coming back to the main story. For the last few days, Mummum started complaining. I am delaying purposefully, not munching my food, and stretching my screen time too long, this is a bad habit and some more gibberish she spoke. Well, she always had a bad habit of nagging. She even tried to make a deal with me that once I complete dinner she will allow screen time. But, I did not budge and life was happy. Until tragedy struck.

One day the woman came back from the office and announced that her phone has been seized away by her office. I could not fathom any reason, maybe she was also stretching her screen time or whatever. But, that was immaterial. The important point was, that there was NO MOBILE. At first, I thought it was a joke. I threw tantrums and shouted, but the mobile was nowhere. Then I meekly suggested she take it up with the Police. She said they were checking for it. I was not convinced and demanded a next-level escalation to God. I asked her to pray to God and ensured her standing with folded hands in front of Ganesha. But, her half-hearted prayer was not enough to move the Almighty. So here I am being forced to eat my dinner without a screen while making Mummum bend like a giraffe, snort like a hippopotamus, and jump like a monkey.

A sincere request to my readers, if anybody knows the woman’s office people, request them to return her mobile. Tell her boss that she will be a good girl, and henceforth I will not let her take the mobile to the office.

Until then pray for me.



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  1. Oh Sampurno babu, first of all
    I am very happy to have you back. I was so missing your musings. I see what this woman is upto. While I am always (and I mean always) with you, in this instance I have to be with that woman. She has your best interest at heart. So when ever she finds her phone may be you can eat your food and then watch like she said. I shall speak to her boss and see if I can expedite this matter. My sympathies…

  2. Well Mummum got back her phone but she says the authority has deleted all the detectable from her mobile.


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