Happy New Year!

Nah, unlike every year the greetings were not the usual, Wish you a happy and prosperous new year. But, a familiar question swept the nation.

“Do you have the fever?”

The answer was mostly yes. Mr. C had become a familiar guest in every other household.
Of course, it did not spare me and my family too. High fever, body pain, throbbing head left the best of us worn out and beaten.

I started writing this blog on the second day of the year, still recovering from the flu, snuggling my little one who is reeling under high fever, but then panic grasped me. And I lost the grip of my pen.

This unwanted guest has now overstayed in our life for more than two years now, releasing new seasons every now and then. The worst being the second season which snatched away my beloved father-in-law. My son lost his grandfather even before knowing him. So yes, Mr C shook us beyond words. When it again knocked on our door on the last day of 2021, my anxiety knew no bounds.

But, our displeasure with it does not affect his (or her) nonchalant ways. So I guess we do not have any option but to adjust our ways to accommodate this cruel intruder. This year my resolutions are not resolutions per se, but thoughts after the harrowing experience of the previous year had left us with.

1. Work and career are important. But more important is thy family. And what is that one thing most important of all – thy happiness. So chase that impossible dream, follow your passion, do what makes you happy. Life is indeed too short to care about society’s judgement.

2. My father in law was one of the most hard-working people I had ever met. He postponed all his travel plans, pleasure trips and leisure time for another day when the load will be lighter. But that day never arrived and he left us for a better abode. There is not a single moment his family is not repenting that loss. So do not keep holding your plans for the future. Travel, read books, learn a new instrument – fulfil all your dreams.

3. Stop gossiping. – Don’t be that person. Too much to do. Too little time left. So do not waste time in petty bitching. Spread positivity(not the C one though).

4. Give one compliment a day. – You never know—it just might make that person feel a whole lot better.

5. Be Kind – Kindness go a long way. And make the best use of it.

These are some of the goals I have set for myself for the year 2022 –

1. Read more books

2. Start meditation

3. Finish writing that book

4. Travel to new places once the restrictions are up

5. Volunteering for causes that are close to heart.

What are your resolutions? Do not forget to share with me.


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