Pebbles in the Grass by Srivalli Rekha – Book Reading Experience

So I was reading Beartown by Fredrik Backman. Half way through, overwhelmed (will share the complete review when I finish it) I gasped for a break and took up Srivalli’s Pebbles in the Grass for a breezy read. And my, my it did provide the much needed respite.

This beautiful book is an eclectic collection of tiny and not-so-tiny tales. The flash fictions form a beautiful potpourri of stories and travels from the genre of fantasy to thriller to horror. Many have a reservation against these economically worded stories with a feeling that the few words doesn’t do justice to a plot. This book breaks that notion.

Having read Srivalli Rekha’s stories in various other platforms, the expectation from the author was high and she did not disappoint.
Her fleeting tales were like delectable candies of different kind flavors that left a wonderful aftertaste for the reader. The palate had dashes of humor, bites of fantasy and horror and all other kinds of emotion from everyday life. Most of the stories ended with a punch. Some cries for a larger canvas.

So there is the warm Lady in the old house, the brave train passengers of the destination death, the scary clock or the very common character like me complaining to their guardian angel. My personal favorite will include, Tick Tock, Uncertainty – The Library ( though I didn’t like the title.) and The Old Man ( again I wished it had a better title). Oh, and there is a flower witch too. You want to know what she does? Read the book, to find out.

My only grouse were the titles of the tales which in my opinion could have been more catchy like the book’s name, which is really interesting.

Overall, this is a fresh book which will serve as a sweet and savory snacks to the reading appetite.

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