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The Diary from the future past

30/11/2070, Kolkata Name: Ivaan  Class: VI  Dear Diary, Hi. The earth has changed a lot since you last saw it. Life on earth is not the same any more. His little hands were not used to writing...

The Return

Some mornings are confusing. Is it a dream or reality?

Journey of Alan

"Alan, you must remain quiet, else we will all land in trouble", the father whispered. "But I am hungry, and its dark and suffocating here", little Alan tried to argue. The truck carrying them...

In Search of Serenity

can a google search turn into a booby trap?

The Sunset

A difficult trek up the hill and a mesmerising view welcomed them. Then?

The Wordsmith

Will the future – although dominated by technology – still belongs to us humans?.

Thankless Job

The clock struck 11. After much labour Jina could put her little oene to sleep before  serving the dinner to Ray.  Jina had experimented with  a new chicken recipe today. She had...


Every night I desire her with all my heart but she avoids me viciously. My whole existence prays to the Almighty to make me one with her. But all in vain. The...

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